Backdrops (even on request)

One of the thing I alway was looking in my layouts is to be more realistic as possible. Since I moved into the new room I hated the plain white background, so in my poor attempt to put something different I started to paint some undefinite mountains. I thought it was better than a white one, but still ugly; plus in the basement the walls are not plain. I was looking for an idea to cover the walls. As I wrote in my other posts, the layout size is in total 10 meters. Buying commercial products with mountains fro other countries wouldn’t make it real, so I decided to make it by myself 🙂

Grabbed my camera and took some pics of places where I live; one of my labs (I’m a photographer) made the prints that I received last week. Yesterday I decided to install them. Here’s a couple of shots (before/after).

Backdrop - before Backdrop - after

I was amazed of the final result. Sadly I didn’t have too much time to take some pics of the details, just a few that you can see at the end of the post. I was thinking that custom scenarios-sizes can help other people, so if you are interested, can contact me with the desired sizes so I can ask for an estimate. 🙂

Now I have to add people, buildings and details around. See you soon with new pics 😀


One response to “Backdrops (even on request)

  1. Interessante. Alessandro, non trovo come contattarti. Puoi mandarmi un recapito? ciao scalaenne at

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