New layout – Loks warehouse

As anticipated some weeks ago, I’ve dismantled the old layout a made a new one. I’ll show more about it in the next days. This post is a little preview of the are where all the trains are when not running on the layout; I’v enot yet placed the ballast here because I need to finish to make the prellbocks. Also wanted to show some of the loks I’ve collected. 🙂

You can see (starting from the most far):

BR 232 Ludmilla (DB), BR 152 Cargo (DB), Re 432 Cargo (SBB), Re 1012 (OBB), BR 218 (DB), Re 460 2000 (SBB), E444R XMPR (FS), E444 (FS), BR120 (DB)

Enjoy 🙂

Loks parade :)

Loks parade 🙂


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